Using 3D models and character animation, the experts at Pixel Reborn can bring to life anything you can dream up. From the swimming pool in your backyard, to extensive cityscapes, from giant robots to mythical creatures, the only limitation is your imagination.

Besides 3D character animation, our technical team has a lot of experience with visual effects as well. Whether it's camera tracking, rotoscoping, green screen compositing, particle effects, CGI characters or digital sets, we look forward to tackling the challenge. We have completed projects for clients from around the world, in industries ranging from architecture, film, television, video games to interactive media. Our collective experience includes work on major studio feature films such as Superman Returns, The Core, The Italian Job, X-Men, Catwoman, Resident Evil Apocalypse, The Matrix Reloaded and Scooby Doo 2 to name a few.